Aquatopia Consulting Ltd (ACL) offers expert consultative advice on water park composition & operation, water rides, slides and water play selection.  

Our lead consultants have many years’ experience in the field of water ride/slide projects, developing water play experiences and advising on all types of water attractions, which best fit your brand, business and commercial leisure objectives.

We advise leading leisure companies on new water leisure developments, creating feasibility reports, design briefs and concepts, through to detail design and cost certainty.  

ACL Leisure services division also maintain, upgrade, renovate and innovate existing attractions to assist in maximising the life-cycles of leisure assets to improve the commercial value of the equipment.

We enhance visitor experiences through innovative improvements specifically designed to increase visitor satisfaction.


Our engineers are qualified to carry out safety inspections on rides and slides. We deliver a yearly programme of inspections to ensure safety and make sure everything is in full operational order.


We can offer a range of exciting upgrades to existing rides, slides and water play structures, using innovative light ring sections, interactive games such as “Aqua Smash”.

We also install sound, light and 3D effects packages, enhancing any existing ride/slide.


Subject to inspection,we can usually replace the slide sections and parts on the existing steel supports and foundations.  

We can redesign the slide path, add lengths, additional turns to the ride, upgrade with new innovative sound, light and vision packages.


Our maintenance programmes are designed to ensure your leisure assets are maintained to a high standard of safety and quality. This optimises safe ride performance for a really great visitor experience, whilst maximising the life of your attractions.

RISK  - Conditional Survey

We will undertake a full conditional survey of all your water attractions, identifying any repairs, potential risks or concerns about the condition and operational worthiness of your attractions.

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